Overview / History of Development

2010 Ms. Yang Ling won - “Excellent Chinese Female Educator” issued by Sohu Education
2010 Beijing News - “Most Reliable Study Abroad Agency Brand”
2010 Tencent - “One of the Top 10 Chinese Study Abroad Agencies”
2010 Beijing News 4th - Education Summit Recommendation Brand
2010 Netease - “Golden Wing” One of the Top 10 Study Abroad Agency
2010 Sohu Education - “Top 20 China Brand Study Abroad Agency”
2010 Education Online website - “The 2010 - Trustworthy Study Abroad Agency of the Year”
2010 Sina Education - “2010 - Most influential study abroad Agency”
2009  “The Most Influential Overseas Study Agency in China at the 60th anniversary of Founding of China”
2009   “Top 10 Overseas Study Agency in China”
2009   “Top 10 Credible Overseas Study Agency in China”
2008  “The Flagship Brand of Study Abroad Agency in China”
2008  “The Most Reputable Overseas Study Agency in Beijing”
2008  “Top 10 Credible Brand of Overseas Study Agencies in China”
2008  “Credible Educational Agency”
2008  Promoting  the “USA Pre-Ivy Camp” aiming to train high school students preparing For applying for the Harvard University, MIT, Duke University, Dartmouth College, University of Chicago, and Johns Hopkins University
2007  “2007 China Top 10 Brand of Overseas Study Agency ”
2007  “2007 Recommended Brand of Educational Institutions Competiveness Conference”
2007   “Top 10 Credible Overseas Study Agency in 2007 Education General Review” 
2007  Establishing the first overseas office of Chivast in Seoul
2007  “Model Institution”by Overseas-Study Service Association
2007  Establishing university bridging courses in cooperation with Beijing Foreign Studies University
2007  Organizing International Education Exhibitions for Australia, Korea and The Netherlands
2006   “Top 10 Credible Overseas Study Agency”
2006  “2006 Remarkable Training Institution for Globalized Personnel in Beijing”
2006   “The Annual Contribution Prize for Educational Institutions”
2006  First authorized agency to establish the Education USA Center by the Department of State of the US
2005   “Remarkable Training Institution for Globalized Personnel” & “Top 10 Credible Overseas Study Agency”
2005    “The Overseas Study Agency to the Public Satisfaction in Beijing”
2005  “Outstanding Industrial Public Credibility Prize for Reputable Agencies”
2004  First proposing the “Sincerity Service Convention” among overseas study agencies
2003  Ranking the first in the Review of Services Achievements of Overseas Study Agencies by Beijing Municipal Commission of Education
2003  The honor of “The Overseas Study Agency to the Public Satisfaction in Beijing”
2002  The only overseas study agency sharing service experiences at National Education International Affairs Conference
2001  Signing the Exclusive Agency Agreement in Recruiting Chinese Students with Central University of Technology, South Africa
2001  Among the first list of the executive members of Beijing Overseas-Study Service
2001 Establishing CSCSE-Neso China in cooperation with the Netherlands Organization of International Cooperation in Higher Education (Nuffic)
2000  The first approved self-sponsored agency for overseas study in China
1993  Establishing the Australian Office, CSCSE, now known as Chivast Australian Section