Advantages / Professional Advanta

1、 Offer wide range of study locales
2、 Our services provide access to many of the large continents of the world, such as Europe, North America, Asia, and Oceania; to countries, like South Korea, Japan, Italy and others.
3、 Wide-range University Resources :With its aim to “Provide an excellent quality education to Chinese students”, Chivast Education International continuous to actively explore new projects and develop new partnerships with countless of overseas universities. It is Chivast’s goal to adequately inform our students of all the programs and opportunities available to choose from.
4、 An initial “One-stop” service in China:The China (Ministry of Education) Study Abroad center/ Beijing Chivast Education International with their unique background advantages was the first in mainland China to set-up a “One-stop” service organizational system for overseas study. Our services consist of study abroad consultation, documentation processing, pre-departure training, archive storage, and consultation services; in  addition to overseas academic credentials evaluation, household settlement consultation, and job placement recommendations services.

Our “One-stop” unique service is able to benefit our students in the following two aspects:
First: We offer study abroad consultation and selection from a wide variety of universities and programs. The universities offered for selection come highly recommended by Chivast and have undergone national accreditation. Our excellent staff will work hard to assist and advice our students in choosing universities and majors most suitable for them guaranteeing a safer and unforgettable experience overseas.

Second: Returning students are offered Overseas academic credentials evaluation, household settlement registration and other additional consultation services. Our services offer a peace of mind to both parents and students.