Advantages / Operation Advantage

Since it’s founded Chivast Education International has always guided its business ideas and practices on the principle of “Safe and Reliable Overseas Education” with the business aim of “No Compliance, No Violation, No Accident and No Flaw”. In these last few years, Chivast by providing a genuine service to each and every parent and student. We have established a reputable enterprise image to become a successfully competitive brand.

In its ten years of development, Chivast Education International has continued to generate great successes in the study abroad industry in China. With a professional and committed work-attitude Chivast has won the respect and trust of its industry, while representing a successful model to other businesses in its industry.

With our eyes to the future, Chivast continuous to actively search for methods to allow our company to continue to expand and offer the best possible service to our student, while abiding to the policies stated in the “National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Plan (2010--2020)”.

Chivast is devoted to offering superior policy oriented counsel to students and continue to provide higher operational levels. In order to provide the best educational service to our students we continue to maintain and expand our resources to provide our students with greater educational opportunities to give students the opportunity to study at top-tier universities world-wide. All of our efforts are to continue to lead and stay ahead in our industry, with our mission of establishing an industry standard.


(1)Develop and promote diversified cooperative projects, such as self-finance study abroad, summer and winter camps, pre-departure and college course work training, and other useful services.

(2)Expand our brand nationwide to provide service to students all over China.
(3)Further develop partnerships to fully cover key universities, training institutions, and education organizations in China