Advantages / Well-known Brand

Ten years of progress: Establish a new glory in China’s Study Abroad Education industry
 In the past ten years, Chivast Education International has remained above the competition, receiving awards as “Top 10 Honorable Study Abroad Agency”, and “Most reliable Study Abroad Agency”. Nationwide Chivast has about 30 branches, which continue to successfully send students abroad to more than 20 countries world-wide, including America, Canada, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia and other countries. Our Chivast staff is composed of a group of well-trained and experienced consultants specialized in the international education industry with study abroad backgrounds.   

 As the No.1 Study Abroad Agency Brand in China, Chivast has witnessed a transformation of China’s study abroad market. In the last few years the growth of China’s economy has led to the stabilization of the study overseas market, opening up the study abroad experience to people of all classes in China. As a result Chivast has succeeded in providing services for students of all classes with the quality consultation and selection, making us the right choice those seeking to study abroad.

Chivast Education International has invested a lot of time and resources into developing its creative project--- Chivast University. In operation since 2008, Chivast University has been involved in the training of new and veteran staff ranging from managers, to consultants, to lower level workers, to translators. At Chivast, our staff undergoes the most comprehensive and strict training to ensure we are putting our best people forward. Our training consists of courses in writing, communication, translation, languages, in addition to other work benefiting training. At the same time, in order to ensure long-term quality and service our departments continue to provide internal departmental training to guarantee the daily on-the-job personnel possess the right level of knowledge and skills to provide the right consultation to our students.

 After ten years, our group of top consulting team has brought about great success in China’s study abroad industry. Our excellent consultation staff not only has aided Chivast achieve its level of excellence, but more importantly it has won the trust and respect in its industry.

 A New launch of a 10-year brand, sweeping the industries top Awards
 As the first nationally approved Study Abroad Agency in China, Chivast Education International continuous to push the development of China’s study abroad industry with the belief in a “Greater mission beyond profits.” At the end of 2010, Chivast continued to receive awards for its excellent service, including Sina Education “2010 the Most Influential Study Abroad Agency”, Sohu Education “Top 20 China Brand Study Abroad Agency”, Netease “Golden (top) Wing” and the website Top 10 Study Abroad Agency and Education Online named Chivast the“2010 Honest Study Abroad Agency of the Year”.

Since it’s founded Chivast Education International has always guided its business ideas and practices on the principle of “Safe and Reliable Overseas Education” with the business aim of “No Compliance, No Violation, No Accident and No Flaw”. In these last few years, by providing a genuine service to every parent and student, Chivast has established a reputable enterprise image to become a successfully competitive brand.

Building a first class system – a return to essence of study abroad industry
Since its founding 10 years ago, Chivast has continued to improve its service and lead in the development of the study abroad industry by offering a safer and differentiated service. In 2010, Chivast expanded its services to more than 20 countries including America, Canada, UK, Australia, the Netherlands, South Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Ireland, Malaysia and many others. We are now able to provide educational opportunities ranging from vocational schools, high schools to Universities, to post graduate schools. Presently with 30 branches nationwide Chivast has created a “Study Abroad Supermarket” offering a safe and reliable study abroad experience. Furthermore, Chivast with its rich and strong resource network has created a unique “One-stop” service which offers applicants services ranging from college application consultation to visa training, to overseas degree accreditation, to archive storage, to job placement recommendations after returning to China. All of our services are to guarantee students will have a safe and enjoyable study abroad experience, in addition to a beneficial return to home experience.

Differentiated service offering invaluable study abroad experiences

In retrospect, it has been Chivast Education International’s high quality and its “One-stop” service, which have made it an extremely valuable study abroad resource entity. It has been through Chivast rich educational resources, personalized VIP services, and top consulting staff team that have made us popular among the student community. Chivast has through its diversity and top service successfully avoided price competition thus has been able to continually provide superior services in a serene atmosphere to students. Chivast with its steady development operation has shown itself to be an upstanding industry leader with uncompromising integrity.

With our eyes to the future, Chivast continuous to actively search for methods to allow our company to continue to expand and offer the best possible service to our student, while abiding to the policies stated in the “National Medium and Long-term Educational Reform and Development Plan (2010--2020)”.

Chivast is devoted to offering superior policy oriented counsel to students and continue to provide higher operational levels. In order to provide the best educational service to our students we continue to maintain and expand our resources to provide our students with greater educational opportunities to give students the opportunity to study at top-tier universities world-wide. All of our efforts are to continue to lead and stay ahead in our industry, with our mission of establishing an industry standard.